Waxing at Total Image II salon and spa

Get your body beach, party, wedding or anything else ready with our in-salon professional waxing services.

Our professional salon waxing service is perfect for temporary hair removal that leaves your skin soft and smooth. Traditional waxing has long been a favourite of celebrities (and our customers) for removing unwanted hair from sensitive and intimate areas.

Unlike other methods such as epilating that can irritate your skin, waxing actually conditions and smooths your skin as part of the hair removal treatment.

Our waxing services prices

Get your body beach, party, wedding or anything else ready with our in-salon professional waxing services. Our prices are so reasonable, we’ve put them right here, so you can look, like what you see, and book straight away!

Brows$14.0015 mins
Lip$8.0015 mins
Chin$9.0015 mins
Brow / Lip$22.0015 mins
Brow / Lip / Chin$31.0015 mins
Arm Full$28.0060 mins
Underarm$17.0015 mins
Half Leg$35.0030 mins
Full Leg$55.0060 mins
Bikini$27.0030 mins
Brazilian$42.0030 mins
Back$45.0030 mins
Chest$45.0030 mins

For more information on all our salon waxing services, read on down the page!

More about Total Image II salon spa waxing services

Full removal of your hair from the front to back, plus an additional section of lower back. If you wish, we can leave a small shaped section at the front. Our Brazilian waxing leaves your intimate areas smooth and hair free with a combination of strip and hot wax methods.

Book now for just $42

No more “peeking” hair when you wear your favourite swimwear! Our traditional bikini line wax removes unwanted, unsightly hair from out beyond your panty line on your legs, and across the top of the front. We use strip wax to leave your skin feeling soft and hair-free for longer. We can also extend this if you prefer slim-fronted panty or swimwear styles.

Book now for just $27

As the name suggests, this wax treatment strips unwanted hair from your leg and beyond the bikini line. Ideal for silky smooth legs without the irritation of shaving stubble or use of chemical creams.

Book now for $55

Want smooth lower legs in short or skirts, but don’t need hair removal above the knee? Our half leg waxing is a cost-effective, time-efficient way to have smooth legs for winter evening wear and summer attire alike.

A half leg wax is also highly popular with sportspeople who may get their legs cut, grazed or scraped. Hair-free legs allow for better cleaning of wounds, trap less dirt and allow dressings to adhere better too.

Book now for $35

Keep your underarms (armpits) smooth and hair-free so you can wave your arms in the air like you just don’t care, anytime! A popular option for sportspeople and professional performers, as underarm hair traps perspiration and odour, whilst smooth ‘pits’ allow sweat to flow and wash off more easily.

Book now for just $17

A full arm wax effectively removes hair from your hands to your shoulder joint, for silky-smooth arms in summer dresses and gym gear alike. Many sportspeople choose this option to show muscle definition better, more effective massages, and also for easier cleaning of any minor wound or abrasion.

Book now for $28

Trying to remove hair by shaving your own back is practically impossible! Instead, let our experienced team gently strip unwanted hair from your back or chest for a smooth, stubble-free look and strokable feel! Cooler in summer, less bulky in winter, and all-year-round attractive (we think!), our back and chest waxing is available to everyone: male, female, and all our lovely friends in the LGBTQ+ community.

Book now for just $45

Facial hair in the wrong place can be unsightly and potentially embarrassing. facial waxing removes unwanted facial hair with precision and no harsh chemicals, for stubble and wisp-free skin.

Lip $8
Chin $9
Brow/Lip $22
Brow/Lip/Chin $31

Our eyebrows are so much part of how we express ourselves. Neat shapely brows enhance your face with an elegant ‘manicured’ solution. (Wish you had more eyebrow hair? See our brow lift and microblading pages.)

Book now for $14

The benefits of waxing

Waxing has been used for centuries to remove unwanted hair, and it’s still one of the most effective methods for semi-permanent hair removal. Benefits include:

Unlike chemical hair removal creams, waxing is actually good for your skin. The waxing process naturally exfoliates your skin, removing old skin from the surface to reveal healthy new skin in all its glory.
Waxing removes the hair from the root, so it leaves a silky-smooth feel to the skin.

Unlike shaving, the effects of waxing last much longer as the hair is removed from the follicle it takes longer to grow back.

Once your skin has been waxed, subsequent hair regrowth is finer, softer, less prolific and easier to remove.
A professional waxing very rarely irritates the skin, unlike shaving, using creams or hair removal by epilation. Our salon team use the finest waxes at precise temperatures to ensure maximum removal with minimal irritation.

Preparing for your first wax treatment

There are a few do’s and don’ts regarding your first wax. If this is your first waxing, please call us to discuss any medications you are taking, and how long your body hair needs to be for waxing to be effective.