Microblading by Total Image II

Save yourself hours in your makeup beauty routine with great looking eyebrows that look after themselves!

Microblading is one of the most popular beauty and esthetic treatments we offer here at Total Image II.

It creates the look of full, manicured brows for those who have fine light eyebrows, or eyebrow hair loss. Most treatments last for well over a year, a great way to have beautiful brows without the effort!

Microblading Prices


Full brow microblading$375.002.5hrs
Initial touch up$75.001.45hrs
12-18 month touch up$150-1752hrs

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Expert microblading at Total Image II

Transform your brows with brow microblading by our team, including:

  • 1 to 1 consultation to discuss colour and style options
  • Multi-tonal colour matching to your natural eyebrow colour if requested
  • Shaping and styling of your existing brow hair
  • Microblading by our esthetic artist
  • Microblading aftercare advice
  • A full 2.5hrs session for exceptional results

Book your full brow microblading for just $375

Maintain your microbladed brow profile, shape and colour with our brow maintenance treatments:

Microblading initial touch up: $75.00
Microblading 12-18 month touch up: $150 – $175

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How does microblading work?

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that is similar to brow tattooing but far less invasive and with rapid healing times. The special microblading tool looks like a blade and has a row of barely visible fine needles.

Our esthetics team skillfully ‘draw’ on new brow hairs using the tool, which deposits fine pigment particles into the surface of your skin. (Not deep down like a tattoo gun). The result are natural looking brows that are soft and subtle in shade, and that gradually and gently fade as the body metablizes the pigments.

Microblading looks highly effective if you have limited amounts of brow hair, but the less hair you have, the more “obvious” the pigment strokes will be. That’s why we also offer gentle shading behind the strokes, to give the appearance of real hair behind the strokes.

If you’ve got lots of eyebrow hair (you lucky person you!), microblading will not help tame or plump up your hairs. Instead, you should look at an eyebrow lamination to shape and sculpt the brow hairs you have.

Your suitability for microblading does depend on your skin type, and whether you have a skin condition such as cystic acne in your eyebrow area. Microblading does create some inflammation after treatment, and a skin condition will delay the healing process. If you have oily skin, your microbladed brows might also fade faster. And as we’ve mentioned before, pregnant women and those who have recently given birth should be aware of the slightly raised risk of infection after microblading.

Microblading FAQs

No. We use numbing gel at the point of treatment so you will feel very little. The healing pain has been likened to a cat scratch, so often more irritating than painful. Many of our customers say it is like the pain of plucking your eyebrows plus a bit, but not as painful as a bikini wax, for example. However, pain tolerance levels are a very personal thing, and if you feel pain acutely, any form of invasive treatment may not be suitable for you.

Your microbladed brows are a long-lasting treatment that will gradually fade over time. Within a year you may notice a lightening in colour and some fading, and by three years, nobody could probably tell you’d had the treatment at all. To preserve your brow look, you should book a microblade touch-up for your brows every 12-18 months or so.

No. It is placed in your skin, so will not wash off and cannot be removed using any kind of makeup remover. A microbladed brow is, in effect, a three year commitment so make sure you have considered all aspects including design, position and colour before having any microblading done. If you have any questions, please do call us to discuss – we are always happy to offer advice.

After the initial treatment, you should take care of the area to avoid the risk of infection and aid healing. Your therapist here at Total Image II will advise on an appropriate care routine after your treatment. Initially the pigments might seem too dark, but rest assured they will fade to the final softer shade in about two weeks. (So perhaps hold the selfies until then!)

Your initial microblading appointment takes around 2.5 hrs because it involves several stages. Your microblading artist will gradually build up the number of strokes, using numbing cream as they go, sometimes using slightly different pigments for a more natural look.

Subsequent appointments timings are as follows:

  • Microblading initial touch up: 1.45hrs
  • Microblading 12-18 month touch up: 2hrs

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