Manicures and Pedicures at Total Image II

Keep your nails elegant, your hands soft and your feet smooth and neat with spa manicure and pedicure services near you.



Manicure and Pedicure Prices


Regular$32.0045 mins
Mini (12 years and younger)$20.0030 mins
Cut, file, polish$22.0030 mins
Cut, file$20.0030 mins
Regular with paraffin$39.0075 mins
Gel Colour (polish)$40.0060 mins
French polish$37.0075 mins
Paraffin wax therapy$12.0015 mins
Removal of gel polish$17.0030 mins


Regular$52.0060 mins
Mini (12 years and younger)$28.0030 mins
Regular with paraffin$59.0075 mins
With Gel Polish$67.0060 mins
French polish$59.0075 mins
Spa pedicure$59.0015 mins
Paraffin Wax Therapy$17.0015 mins
Removal of Gel Polish$17.0015 mins
Men’s Pedicure$47.0060 mins

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Manicures at Total Images II

Your hands work hard for you, so treat them to some TLC with a manicure and more.

Our Signature Manicure is a relaxing treatment for the hands which includes:

  • Cutting and shaping of your fingernails

  • Pushing back of your cuticles

  • Gentle massage for your arms and hands

  • A nail polish of your choice

A 45-minute manicure and hand pamper for just $32
• With paraffin wax treatment – $39
• With French polish finish – $37
• With gel colour – $40 (1 hour duration)

Short on time? Treat yourself to one of our other manicures:
Mini – $20 (12 years and younger)
Cut, file, polish – $22
Cut and file – $20
Paraffin wax hand treatment only – $12 (15 minutes )


Enhance your manicure with these little extras that makes all the difference.

$40 total  

An exceptionally long-lasting and quality nail polish that lasts up to two weeks! 

$5 extra

A classic nail manicure with white nail tips and a ‘hint of pink’ main nail colour. Timeless, elegant and effortlessly neat.

$7 extra

Enhance the beauty benefits of a regular manicure with paraffin wax

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Pedicures by Total Image II

Our Signature Pedicure is a relaxing treatment for the hands which includes:

  • A relaxing foot soak in our warm foot bath with jets
  • Foot buff

  • Cut and shaping of your toenails

  • Pushing back of your cuticles

  • Gentle massage of legs and feet

  • A nail polish of your choice

A 1-hour pedicure for just $52

  • With paraffin wax treatment – $59
  • With French polish finish – $59
  • With gel colour – $67


Includes all the benefits of a regular pedicure but with the additional benefits of an exfoliating scrub and hydrating mask for smooth and hydrated feet.

1 hour pedicure for just $47

Gentlemen, it’s time to look after your feet better! A special pedicure just for men to shape and file toenails, soothe hard-working skin, and keep toenails healthy.

Pedicure Extras

“Upgrade” your pedicure with these extras. Go on, treat your feet to something special!

$7 extra 

An elegant manicure for your toenails with white nail tips and a ‘hint of pink’ main nail colour. 

$7 extra

All of the benefits of our regular pedicure, with an exfoliating scrub and hydrating mask added for smooth and hydrated feet.

$7 extra 

Our regular pedicure with the added benefits of paraffin wax – just click for the benefits!


Gentle, effective removal of toenail gel polishes.

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Or for more information on the benefits of adding paraffin wax to a pedicure or manicure, read on down the page!

The health and beauty benefits of paraffin wax

Paraffin wax has a multitude of therapeutic and cosmetic beauty benefits.

  • A manicure with the addition of relaxing warm paraffin wax creates a highly moisturizing treatment for your hands and feet. It helps seal in moisture and also protects unpolished nails against the drying effects of wind and weather. Paraffin wax can also help soften hand calluses and sooth rough skin from manual work.
  • A pedicure with paraffin wax helps retain the natural oils your skin produces, keeping feet more supple and soft. It can sooth dry and cracked skin on your heel, aiding healing, and can also help soften calluses.

  • A paraffin wax treatment gently soothes joint and muscle pain, and stiffness in both hands and feet. It also increases blood circulation, making is especially beneficial for those with inflamed joints, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Book a Paraffin Wax Therapy session for 15 minutes of bliss for your skin!
Paraffin wax treatment for hands – $12
Paraffin wax treatment for feet – $17

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Paraffin wax is a colourless, odourless soft wax with a low melting point that is used in beauty treatments. Paraffin wax is a natural emollient that adds moisture when put on your skin and continues to boost moisture levels after the treatment is completed. It is not suitable for use if you have numbness in your feet through diabetes or nerve damage or have a rash or open sores. If you have any concerns about your skin or nerves conditions or similar, consult your physician about your suitability for a paraffin wax treatment.

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