Facials and Hydrofacials from Total Image II

At Total Image II, we specialize in the very latest facials and hydrofacials, for deep clean, healthier skin and visibly improved appearance. Our team use the latest methods and technology so you can enjoy these exclusive and effective spa level facials right here in Seaforth!

Spa facials

Hydrodermabrasion / Hydrofacials

Microcurrent treatments

Facials pricing at Total Image II

Exceptional facials at (almost) everyday prices. Treat yourself or give as a gift.


Facial Fundamental$90.0090 mins
Clear Up$85.0090 mins
Pure Anti-Aging$125.0090 mins
Hydra Science$125.0090 mins
Collagen Veil$125.0090 mins
Rosa-C$120.0090 mins
Beautifying Eye Care Treatment$45.0090 mins
Eye care add on$30.0090 mins


Express Hydrodermabrasion$90.0030 mins
Deluxe Hydrodermabrasion$145.0060 mins
Ultra Luxury Hydro$189.0090 mins
Add ons
Oxygen Infusion (add-on)$20.0015 mins
LED Light Therapy Mask$40.0030 mins
LED Light Therapy Mask (package of 6)$199.0030 mins
Radiofrequency (stand-alone)$65.0045 mins
Radiofrequency (add on to facial)$45.0030 mins
Microcurrent Therapy$65.0045 mins
Microcurrent Therapy (add on to facial)$45.0030 mins

For more information on all our facials, hydrofacials and hydrodermabrasion services, read on down the page!

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Spa Facials

Our spa facials at Total Image II

Choose the salon spa facial that’s just right for you, from our regular fundamental facial to our special treatments.

A straightforward facial for healthier, hydrated and radiant skin. Our standard facial is customized to your specific skin needs with a skin analysis, and includes:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Extractions of blocked pores (blackheads and whiteheads)
  • Hydrating mask
  • Treatment creams
  • A relaxing massage on your face, neck and shoulders

Book now for $90.00

Our optimal facials are the specific facials below that target certain skin conditions or achieve specific results.

A professional treatment specifically targeted for those with acne, blocked pores and whiteheads. Specially formulated to deeply clean skin, help clear and heal blemishes, and allow the skin to heal.
Book for $85.00

An alternative to invasive and aggressive cosmetic procedures. Our non-invasive anti-aging facial firms and tones aging skin with a botox-like effect. reducing the appearance of aging lines.

A hydrating clay mask facial treatment that “teaches” your skin how to properly hydrate itself. Enjoy clearer, more supple skin from your very first mask.

This ultra-moisturizing formulation leaves your skin supple, soft and younger-looking in record time. A collagen veil treatment is the ideal choice for a special occasion like a wedding, as it is suitable for any skin type, even the most sensitive.
Single treatment: $125.00

If couperose, erythrosis or diffused redness causes you concern, this breakthrough treatment is perfect for you. This soothing treatment provides comfort from the irritation and redness caused by rosacea. It works to strengthen your capillaries and cellular defences against harsh environmental factors such as wind, cold weather and pollution. You will see remarkable clarity and a soothed cool completion.
Single treatment: $125.00

Designed to diminish circles, puffiness and reduce and prevent wrinkles of the eye contour. Also a perfect addition to any facial.
Single appointment: $45.00
Eye care add on to another service: $30.00

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Hydrodermabrasion / Hydrofacials

New Hydrodermabrasion / Hydrofacial treatments

Hydrodermabrasion is a really popular treatment in our spa salon, and with good reason. Also known as a hydrofacial, our hydrodermabrasion treatment involves a deep dual exfoliation with:

  • Physical exfoliations using the Neptune 2.0 Anima Hydro wand
  • Gentle chemical exfoliation peel with acid-based serums

  • Extractions using the super-gentle hydro wand to “vacuum” away blackheads and other impurities

  • Infuse the skin with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid

The Express Hydrodermabrasion facial includes a double cleanse with microdermabrasion and oxygen infusions, plus:

  • mask
  • neck and shoulder massage
  • moisturizer
  • SPF protection

30 mins treatment: $90

This Deluxe facial treatment includes double cleanse, hydrodermabrasion, extractions, oxygen infusion, PLUS

  • 20 minutes of LED light therapy
  • mask
  • neck and shoulder massage
  • serum
  • moisturizer
  • SPF

60 mins treatment: $145

The Ultra Luxury Hydro Facial includes everything in the deluxe facial PLUS:

  • specialty mask
  • your choice of a microcurrent or radiofrequency treatment.

90 mins treatment: $189

Oxygen Infusion facial treatments are a wonderfully calming method of refreshing your skin. Oxygen infusion treatments work with your own skin by taking your natural water-based serum, micronizing it, and then using pressurized oxygen to push it deeper into the skin.

This deep action helps to calm and soothe your skin, and also infuse it with vitamins and other beneficial ingredients that will restore its glow.

As facial add-on: $20

Radiofrequency treatment is ideal for those looking for a more firm and youthful appearance. Our radiofrequency (RF) facial produces an immediate skin-tightening effect as it stimulates your body’s production of collagen. It’s non-invasive, fast, effective and helps improve definition and contours without needles, injections or fillers.

Single treatment: $65

As add-on to facial: $45

It is recommended to receive 5-15 treatments at 1-2 treatments a week depending on the condition of the skin and results desired.

Series of 4 treatments: $contact us for our series discounts

LED light therapy has many benefits, from stimulating your skin’s production of natural collagen to helping reduce acne bacteria. We recommend it as an add-on treatment to any of our facial or skin treatments.

Single treatment: $40

Series of 6 treatments: $199

It is recommended to receive 2-3 treatments per week, decreasing to 1 a week after results become more visible. Initial results are evident after about 4-5 treatments, but 10-15 are recommended for long term changes.

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Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent Therapy at Total Image II

Microcurrent therapy can give you a more firm and lifted appearance immediately after treatment. These effects can be long-lasting with a series of weekly treatments and follow-up maintenance visits.

30-minute session: $70.00
Can be added to a facial for $50

Microcurrent therapy uses low-voltage electricity to lift and tone muscles, creating a firm appearance. This low-voltage electricity is similar to the natural electrical current in your body.
  • Enhanced facial contour and sculpted features
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces puffiness and inflammation
  • Gives a more tight and lifted brow and jawline
  • Experience smoother and firmer skin texture and tone
  • Improves circulation 
  • Increases natural collagen production

It is recommended to receive 2-3 treatments per week, decreasing to 1 a week after results become more visible and prominent. 

 Initial results are evident after about 4-5 treatments, but 10-15 are recommended for long-term changes.

 After 10-15 sessions, which is the average amount to see maintained results, clients should continue to get treated once per month to maintain results in the long term.

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Facials and hydrofacials FAQs

Our radiofrequency (RF) facial involves applying a current that gently heats your skin, causing it to produce more collagen and elastin in the skin. This increased production of collagen and elastin structural fibres leads to tightening and toning of the skin. The skin is progressively heated by your therapist to around 40 to 43 degrees celsius, comparable to the heat experienced in a hot stone massage.

Each light has a different wavelength which means it reaches a different depth in the skin. Which means it affects the cells at that depth. All clients can benefit from some sort of light therapy.

Blackheads appear as dark pinpoints and can lead to raised spots. They
are open pores which have become clogged with oil and dead skin. This pore ‘plug’ darkens on contact with the air, hence the colour change.

Whiteheads are closed bumps full of oil and dead skin, which you can often feel rather than see in the early stages.

You should never “pop” a pimple, spot, blackhead or a whitehead yourself. This will cause skin irritation, leave your pore prone to infection, and increase your risk of scarring. Come and talk to use about effective acne treatments and how facials can help keep your skin clearer or longer.

Due to the heat produced, a radiofrequency treatment may not be suitable for those with altered skin sensations, such as diabetics, pregnant women, or those with acne and rosacea. Always consult your physician before booking a treatment if you have any concerns or call us to discuss your suitability.

Expert spa treatments from our team

Our team have experience and expertise in a wide range of professional salon spa techniques and treatments, including:

  • Messages and Body treatments
  • Lash and brow lifts and tints
  • Hydrodermabrasion facials and hydrofacials
  • Laser hair reduction and skin rejuvenation
  • Expert microblading