Ear Piercing at Total Image II

Having pierced ears opens up a whole new world of jewellery options, from simple gold hoops and studs to statement designer earrings.

Ear piercing

At Total Image II, we offer professional medical-grade ear piercing in a safe, sanitary and hygienic environment. We use only skin-friendly piercings and offer extensive advice on aftercare to avoid discomfort and reduce the risk of possible infection.

Ear piercingcosttime
Both ears, with your choice of piercing stud design.$36.00 +15 mins


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How our ear piercing works

Modern ear lob piercing is a clean, safe experience. Our hand-held small device pierces the ear lobe with the shaft of a sterile, pre-sealed hypoallergenic ear capsule containing the earring and a safety back piece.

You can choose the style of stud earring you would like for the 6+ weeks you will be wearing it after your ears are pierced, from plain gold to set crystal styles. This stud stays securely in your ear while the pierced hole seals over. Once the stud is removed, you will have a perfect hole in your ear lobe ready to receive any kind of pierced ear fitting, including butterfly and post, hook, hoop and more.

Full instructions on how to care for your newly-pierced ears will be given, including how to clean and rotate the stud for maximum healing and minimum irritation.

We can offer ear piercing to children under the age of 16 if they are accompanied by one of their parents, and have supplied parental written permission to us in advance. Please note for baby or infant ear piercing, the minimum age is 3 months.

Treat yourself to a Total Image II spa experience

After having your ears pierced, why not treat yourself to one of our in-salon spa treatments!

  • Elegant manicures with optional gel colour
  • Pedicures for super-soft and neat feet
  • Revitalize your skin with a facial or hydrofacial
  • Give your eyebrows more impact with subtle microblading